Vishmi Abeygunarathna

Vishmi Abeygunarathna is a freshman in the Honors College at the University of Houston majoring in Nutrition. She has chosen this path because she hopes to become a trauma surgeon in the future and join Doctors without Borders. This notion was stirred by the events that occurred after the 2004 tsunami in South Asia and specifically in Sri Lanka. Having first-hand experience at the age of 7 in providing aid to others, this inspired Vishmi to choose the path of medicine in order to bring relief to those in need. She was humbled at the opportunity to partake in the charity, Hope for the Nepalese, because its objective is to bring relief through the touch of music. She pursued her musical interests at the age of 8 with the help of her grandfather, who was her first teacher, and progressed to win numerous competitions and awards. It is her belief that music does more than entertain; she believes that music is able to heal and be a guide in adversity.