Project Director

Shanika Silva

"Events like this don't go away just because we don't see it. It takes years and years to rebuild a country. This time, WE the children decided WE wanted to help a struggling nation! We wanted to inspire hope and raise awareness that recovery from a natural disaster is a long process." -Shanika Silva (project director, Hope for the Nepalese)

Shanika is a freshman studying in the World Bachelor of Business program at University of Southern California, where she hopes to study international business and finance. She has had a strong interest in advocacy from her young days , and has directed and fundraised for a large number of advocacy projects. As project director of Hope for the Nepalese, she coordinated the project details and is involved in the promotion of the project in order to raise funds for the survivors of the recent earthquake in Nepal. She is also the Founder and Project Director of The Big Picture project where she develops art work with patients, finishes them and donates them to the hospitals to improve patient mental well-being. Shanika hopes to bring a hybrid model to creatively fund projects with social missions . The Big Picture project will sell cards, prints and calendars of patient artwork and the Hope for the Nepalese will offer the charity re-mix sound track of “We are the World” for sale. She hopes to continue her work combining the best of business, finance and advocacy as a career.